42 Young People- 4 Shows- 5 Days- One Bus.

What began as a daydream over a pint for the creative team at the fore of Zenith Youth Theatre Company some 18 months ago, will become a reality for 42 young people this August when they head for Edinburgh to perform 2 musicals and 2 plays on a specially converted bus.

The Bath based, multi award winning Youth Theatre Company have already earned a reputation over their 50 year history for staging full scale musicals which defy the boundaries set by youth theatre. In this, their most ambitious project to date, the cast of 13 to 21 year olds will be staging 2 musicals and 2 plays, each being performed once a day for five days of the festival.

Situated on The Meadows, visitors to Venue 323 will find a unique performance space on a fully converted single-decker bus. The bus can accommodate 20 audience members in its intimate auditorium, offering a truly unique experience for audiences and performers. The productions offer something for everyone and have been curated to challenge the talented company, who have devoted the last nine months to organising a series of fundraising events in order to raise a staggering total of in excess of £30,000 to make this life changing experience accessible to all.


The video trailer for Zenith’s production of Lift.

Between August the 6th and 10th, the company will perform each show daily on the bus and, when they aren’t in their show, will be participating in street theatre at the very heart of the festival to advertise the company and immerse themselves in the creative environment of the biggest performing arts festival in the world.

The creative team behind the project features the combined strengths of Scott Rodgers, Artistic Director of the company for the last 27 years, Kerry Irvine, Producer for Bath Spa University, co-director of theatreLab and associate producer of the Lion and Unicorn theatre in Kentish Town, and Joel Deane, professional actor and practitioner in Youth Theatre and former member of Zenith. They, along with the Zenith Family, are hugely excited by this exciting next chapter in their history and the opportunity to expand their young members creative aspirations in this most exciting of environments.

To book tickets to catch Zenith’s shows in Edinburgh click on the link below:


For more information on the Theatre Bath Bus visit their website here:

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