How Can You Help Fight The Arts Cuts?

We’ve been asked to write some useful tips for helping people fight the arts cuts.

The most important thing is to keep telling people.

If every person tells 3 people and gets them to tell 3 people, the word will get around very quickly. Keep sharing the information.

Write or Email your Councillors and MPs

It would be brilliant to send paper letters to MPs; they are probably used to filtering emails but something that is printed is much more noticeable for them.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could fill their offices with letters, this would be much harder for them to ignore.

Equity have very kindly provided us with some template letters which you are free to use:

Letter to Councillors Download

Letter to MP Download


A full list of B&NES Council members and their contact details can be found on the link below:

BANES Council Members Contact Details

Find out who your MP is at

Contact details for all MPs can be found at

Lobby opposition Councillors to oppose the funding proposals

Make sure that there is a very loud and clear message at the meeting on February 14th that there is strong opposition to these plans.

Sign and Share The Petition

Arts Cuts Petition

Join The Protest

The next protest is on Tuesday 14 February – 5pm outside the Guildhall.

Please show up and support. The more people there the better. Wear costumes, bring banners and placards, bring instruments. We really want to make our presence felt.

Join Our Thunderclap

A thunderclap is a scheduled post that people sign up to and on February 14th it is scheduled to go out. The idea being that lots of posts about the same thing at the same time create a lot of noise about the cause. Please sign up to our Thunderclap using your Twitter and Facebook accounts and again please get your friends to do the same.

Thunderclap Sign-Up

Useful resources:

Equity have produced some useful notes and resources.

10 Facts About Arts Cuts – PDF

10 Facts About Arts Cuts – Word

Guide To Lobbying Your MP

To find out full details of what is being cut visit our article here:

What Do The Arts Cuts Actually Mean?

Please keep sharing articles and newspaper stories, the petition, the thunderclap and generally anything to do with cutting arts in Bath. We cannot sit back quietly and let it happen.